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Do you want to propel your day with the best coffee in the universe, and at the same time look for a way to express your inner weirdo? Maybe you are trying to shake off a late night or are working late because there aren't enough hours in the day.

Catfight Coffee is the perfect accelerant for all this and more. Catfight Coffee is based in the shadow of Gotham City in Newark, NJ. We have roasting facilities in Newark and now in London England where we roast bi-weekly. We ship our coffee almost daily to get you the freshest cup of coffee with the fastest possible delivery.

Catfight Coffee was formed in 2020 by career musician Acey Slade (Misfits, Dope, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Til Lindemann of Rammstein) and his wife Meiling (a Taiwanese native) when both saw their respective careers put on hold due to Covid Lockdown. Acey has had a previous background in the coffee industry and Meiling has a successful career in the beauty industry. They put their experience to work and Catfight Coffee was born as an e-commerce business.

At Catfight Coffee we believe there isn’t a wrong way or a bad time to drink coffee. There are as many combinations and reasons to drink coffee as there are people on the planet.
But being all things to everyone makes you nothing to no one. We have a dark sense of humor and like edgy music which we express through express the over the top branding.

Catfights stand for; Originality, Quality, and Authenticity. Not just in the coffee itself, not just in the packaging, but in our commitment to our community of individuals and outsiders we service.

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