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mkcole art


My name’s Morgan, aka mkcoleart. I’m a graduate of James Madison University with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. I love creating my own characters and drawing fan art of cartoons and anime, especially Pokémon. I’ve had jobs in the design and printing fields, helping me to learn and understand not only the first-hand creation side of design, but also the behind the scenes aspect too. Whether it’s logo designs for business cards or stickers, screen print or transfer designs for t-shirts, or large format designs for posters and banners, I’ve been lucky to experience the ins and outs of conception, to production, to completion of those designs. Other than art pertaining to work, I really enjoy making my own prints, stickers, and even sculptures. Participating in art markets is somewhat of a newer experience for me, but it’s helped me better understand what it means to be an independent artist. I believe passion and endurance go hand-in-hand for creators; you learn that even when creating something you’re passionate about, sometimes you will have to endure a lack of of positive reception. Being an artist is most rewarding when you are proud of your work. Not for the financial gain or public notoriety, but for creating a piece of work you are proud to represent yourself with.


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