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Sophia, better known as Story Teller Cosplay, is an award-winning cosplayer, self-taught seamstress, and business owner specializing in resin work and apparel. She started her journey like most cosplayers—falling in love with a character and wanting to dress up as them so she taught herself how to sew. From there, Sophia has gone on to do work for film and television, collaborated with companies like Atlus and VIZ media, assisted with large scale projects for events like PAX West and has had her work as featured donations for Games Done Quick’s charity benefits.
She has been pubished in Nerd Plus Magazine, Voyage ATL, and CanvasRebel for her work and reputation. Her most ambitious project to date is the start of her own brand, expanding her love of cosplaying to others through her resin props, accessories, and apparel. Sophia is well known for her unique, clean, and intricately designed resin horn and hopes to continue to bring the same high level creativity, skill and craftsmanship to every project. With a fiery passion in her heart and never short on any ideas, Sophia’s story is just beginning.

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