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Hi, I’m Tiffany Nelson (she/her), the owner and artist of Holic Mode Studio. I design and illustrate all the artwork here at Holic Mode and use motifs from gamer, anime, kawaii, and lo-fi styles. I make colorful lifestyle goods for people who want to fill their everyday spaces with fun and geeky things.

Holic Mode started out with the thought, “I wish there was more cute merch for older geeks like me.” I just wanted something fun and stylish with an anime aesthetic. Even as geek culture has become more mainstream, many of the products geared toward us are still passed off as childish or weird. But what’s wrong with being a little weird? I prefer to think that putting the things I love on my literal sleeve makes life more fun!

Flash forward a decade or so and now I have my own brand, where I design and illustrate geeky art to put on folding fans, drinkware, sticker books, and more! Continuing to build this brand is like a love letter to my 13 year-old self to never feel ashamed for loving what you love. And to all the geeks, gamers, and nerds out there: It's your vibe. Your lifestyle. Fill your life with what you love.

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