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Belladona’s Beauties & Baubles

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Taking my background from the mountains up north with me down to Florida, I’ve always had an interest in the Odd & Macabre. Everything dies at some point so rather than let them be thrown out or wasted, why not make them into something beautiful? Something people can enjoy for ages and show the proper respect to? That’s the purpose of my art, the ensure all of the creatures that enter into my care are treated with respect and reverence, to make sure nothing goes to waste even if it must have its life ended (pest control, invasives, etc).
I am self taught in all of the forms of taxidermy I showcase, having gotten a bit too bored one day~ Boredom is always chasing me so I expand on my specialities with new wares and new types of curiosities being produced monthly if not yearly. Regardless if you just saw my table last weekend, nothing will be the same.

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