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Captain Tattoos Art Studio


Stephen Hecker is a Multi-Award winning tattoo artist and a Multi-Award winning published author. He works in Temecula, California specializing is Anime, Disney, Videogames, Cartoons, Pop Culture, Watercolors and Trash Polka style artwork with a massive inclusion of colors. He deems his artwork as "Anime Trash"
Stephen has published 2 novels currently (Zebulon) with the 1st one winning 2 awards in Epic Fantasy & Action/adventure Fantasy at the 2022 Fall Book Festival. He is currently working on his 3rd novel with several short stories that are soon to be released. They'll be available at the show or you can find them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and
Speaking of High Tyde Ink. He currently co-owns that specializes in graphics and publishing. Shirts, books, stickers, prints, etc are all available in the website. He is expanding his career all the time but will always be an amazing person to sit down, talk and get some awesome work done by him. Contact him to set up an appointment.

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