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Wenghiskhan Tattoos

First Class Tattoos

New York City

Hey Everyone!

My Name is Weng and I was born in China and raised in Miami! Currently living my dream, tattooing out of New York City. How I got into tattooing was definitely by accident. I got my first tattoo when I was 16. And from there on, I was friends with a lot of tattoo artists and was always around tattooing. So I was attracted to the energy tattooing gave off to people and to yourself as an artist. So one day I made a decision and pursuit a career in tattooing. Started in 2019 and never looked back!

I remember getting my first anime tatttoo in 2013! A tattoo that I love endlessly till today! I think it’s because my favorite parts of my life was when I was a kid and I would either wake up early or come back from school and watch anime/cartoons while crushing a bowl of ramen. So, naturally, I love tattooing anime! I would say the tattoos I create I incorporate my black and grey realistic/illustrative style with high contrast!

I’m looking forward to attending the best anime convention ever! And creating beautiful custom pieces that reflect and resonate with you! Can’t wait to meet and see everyone! Cheers to new friends and new adventures!


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