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Wardog Tattoo

Southside tattoo


Heyo! I’m a Neotraditional Anime/Videogame tattoo artist based in Anchorage, Alaska. I’ve drawn as long as i can remember and i have continued to learn about art for about the same. Through my artist journey i have used classes and self taught methods.

In my art, I strive to capture the essence of storytelling and bring these stories to life in a visually captivating way. Whether it's the dynamic poses of characters engaged in epic battles, the expressions on their faces conveying a range of emotions, or the details that hint at the depth of the story, my aim is to create an immersive experience for recipients and viewers.

My style focuses on vibrant colors, precise linework, and form-fitting compositions. I aim to create visually captivating works of art that blend traditional techniques with modern themes. My ultimate goal is to evoke the same excitement and joy that storytelling has brought to my own life.


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