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Tattoos by Morgan Birky

Tattoos by Morgan Birky

Seattle, WA

Hey, I’m Morgan, but everyone calls me Captain. I’m a custom anime tattoo artist based out of Seattle, specializing in taking a character and adding a creative twist you wouldn’t see in the anime or manga. I enjoy the constant stress to improve, sarcasm, and long walks to the fridge.

While I’m happily attending Anime Ink at Richmond for the second year in a row, I’m unfortunately not going to be able to get in everyone who has a desire to get tattooed by me. I appreciate you all for looking at a nobody like me and thinking “damn, I want him to permanently mark me”, so if I can’t get you at this convention, I will take bookings for my private studio in Seattle.

Thanks, and here’s to hoping we can create an awesome piece together!!

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