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Sylvia Wills

XI XI Tattoo Studio

Mount Laurel NJ

My name is Sylvia, and I am a tattoo artist that specializes in anime and neo-trad. I do a lot of Manga, but would love to get more full color anime portraits in my books! I love black and gray, but I also love doing color so I’m overall an artist that doubles in a bit of everything.

I’ve been tattooing for a little over two years, and I work in a female, owned and operated shop. This is my first time attending anime Inc., or any other convention, for that fact, and I’m super excited!

I’m from New Jersey, and I tattoo out of Mount Laurel. So I’m pretty close to everything and get a good bit of clients from New York or Philly.

I love meeting new people so even if you don’t wanna tattoo, feel free to stop by and say hi! I’m trying to get myself out there, meet some awesome people and find some amazing clients!


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