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Stephen G.

Infamy & Prestige Tattoo Studio


Hello, I’m Stephen K. Gaskins (Steph), I’ve been tattooing full time for 2 years now and arguably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I specialize in Color, Black and Grey Otaku/Anime styled piece. That also includes Comic Book, Gaming and illustrative.

I’m a tattoo artist who merges the enchanting world of anime with the artistry of ink. With a passion for both illustration and body art, I have learned the delicate balance of bringing beloved anime characters and scenes to life on skin. Each stroke of the needle is infused with my deep appreciation for the anime culture, resulting in tattoos that not only adorn the body but also capture the essence of cherished stories and characters. Through my skilled hands, clients embark on a transformative journey where their favorite anime narratives are forever etched in stunning detail, turning their bodies into canvases of animated dreams.

I currently work at Infamy & Prestige Tattoo Studio in Passaic, New Jersey. Please check out some of my work. Let work together and create some amazing pieces

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