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Star Whisp

Star Whisp


Hi! Star Whisp is a black-owned, small art business created by Yvonne Frederick, circa 2015, in Norfolk, VA. She pulls inspiration from her interests in good magic, storytelling, and childhood ideals. It is her hope that a safe space can be found within the borders of her artwork (even if it's only for a second).

She specializes in the handmade and traditionally illustrated with notes of influence from fantasy, nature, anime, and all things spooky-cute. Several media types are used to highlight the aforementioned influences in Star Whisp’s designs. These designs are featured in printed artwork such as art prints, keychains, t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc.

When she isn't creating, her nose is either in some sort of fantasy novel or she's building crazy Lego towers with her four year old!


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