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Koneko Club Tattoo

Los Angeles

A small town girl in a big city! I’m originally from the panhandle of Florida/Alabama.
I’ve been tattooing for 6 and a half years, and been in the craft for 9. I began doing anime designs as an apprentice but anime hadn’t taken off yet. I established myself in Pensacola, FL where i did a mix of anime tattoos and my own style.
4 years ago I moved to Los Angeles to begin my new journey.❤️ I have done primarily anime the whole 4 years, which i love so much.

The past two years I’ve spent establishing my custom anime style into what is it today. I’ve had my private studio space for 2 years now, and love being able to create my own environment.
I enjoy tattooing any pop culture, anime, super hero’s, Disney characters, honestly anything i can draw in my vision.
I primarily only take on custom work now, so expect any character i draw to be kawaii af.
I love adding accessories and fashion to my designs!
My favorite subjects to tattoo are demon slayer, chainsaw man, sailor moon, and Pokémon.

Some random facts about me:
My favorite anime are Nana and Demon slayer, and my favorite color is lilac.
I love all things kuromi and my 4 dogs. ( one is a cat) I havent eaten meat in 15 years, and have over 100 house plants. When I’m not tattooing, you can find me on my balcony with all my plants 🌟


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