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Rat Barse

Mimik Tattoo

Charlotte, NC

I grew up surrounded with comic books, video games and cartoons. I would draw all over my friends with anything I could get hold of, replicating the characters we loved. I remember drawing a small fairy for a friend. A few year later I ran into her and she got it done as a tattoo. The feeling of seeing my work on someone’s skin was amazing. It was humbling and an honor. It sparked the dream of becoming a tattoo artist.

In 2010, I went to college for Graphic Design focusing on illustration and typography. Meanwhile, my design work would reflect my love for the graphic nature and styling of tattoos. It was obvious that my heart was still in the art of tattooing. It was time to find a mentor, I found one then followed him to Salt Lake City in May of 2017.

I'm back on the East Coast and now I get to do something I have always wanted to do, work with people and make a difference in their life. Tattooing, to me, is an artistic and exciting way to do that. To connect and create together is such an awesome experience. If it’s something nerdy and nostalgic even better, but I am stoked to work with people either way!


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