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Hello everyone!! I am so excited and honored to be attending anime ink con 2x in row!!
⭑♡ˊ⌒(⭒ᵔ દ ᵔ⭒)ノ 。・:◃*⭑ ༘ I'm Nina! I am a 2nd yr tattooer based in Denver, CO! I love tattooing... well ANIME DUH! I really love doing manga panels, stylized characters, fan art and lewd/hentai pieces!! I love making OCs as well as bringing your OCs to life!! I do both full color and black and grey stippling work! I hope that I can take care of you at this years anime ink! TYSM for peeping my profile!!

I do all my booking through email! @ ! When submitting an inquiry please include the following...
- Name/preferred pronouns
- Area you'd like tattooed/with photos
- Photo references/detailed description of what you're looking for
- Budget if any
- Preferred date during anime ink!
I will also have ready made predraws to pick from for walk ups!


Find booking info on IG

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