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Neo Parker

The Needle Village


Hello everyone!

Allow me to introduce you to a tattoo artist who has turned the art of anime into their passion and specialty: Neo Parker. With over 10 years of experience, I've taken my love for anime to new heights, creating both full-color and black and white tattoos that reflect my unique style. I've had the honor of receiving national and international awards that validate my distinctive approach.

My skill in the world of anime has allowed me to capture the essence of the characters and worlds we adore in tattoos that come to life on the skin. Each design is a testament to my personal style, characterized by elegant lines and emotional details. And as the owner of Creepshow Tattoo in Madrid, I offer not just tattoos, but an artistic experience in a creative environment.

In summary, I am Neo Parker, a tattoo artist passionate about anime with over a decade of experience, a distinctive style, and an unwavering commitment to art. I welcome you to explore my world of tattoos filled with emotion and creativity!

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