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Hey there! My name is Misael and I go by @misatattoos on IG. I currently work in Ontario, CA at Kings Ink Tattoo Shop. I've been tattoing for a little over 2 years. Since I was a kid, I've aspired to become a mangaka/comic book artist, fueled by my deep love for the world of anime, superheroes and gaming. Classics like Dragon Ball inspired my creativity and imagination and after completing my degree in graphic design/studio arts, I found myself gravitating towards tattooing. Combining my love for anime with tattooing has been a dream come true.

As an anime tattoo artist, I specialize in black and gray anime tattoos. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to turn my clients' love for anime, comics and gaming into stunning, wearable art. The trust they place in my work is something I deeply appreciate, and it drives me to deliver tattoos that not only capture the essence of anime but also reflect the individuality of each person I work with.

Whether you're a fellow artist, a dedicated fan, or someone curious about anime tattoos, I'm thrilled to meet you all!


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