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Max A Millipede

Kitchens' Ink


Mwahaha!! It is I, Maximilian, the fearsome and mighty Max_A_Millipede who leads a small and elite group of followers on the battlefields of Instagram!

You have found me at this year's Anime Ink Convention. I am a rank 2 tattooer who trained with the tattoo monks on the peaks of the mile-high city, Denver. Countless hours have I spent toiling with the coils to gain the skills to defeat your tattoo project. I focus my arts on that which is dark, cartoony, whimsical, comical, horrendous, mutant and eldritch. I have made pacts with the elder gods of tattooing trading my lifeforce and my back for lines and colors.

To make it a fair fight, I shall confess my weaknesses to you! I can't hear so well because I'm also a high ranking Death Metal enthusiast and I'm probably listening to a sci-fi or fantasy audiobook in one ear. If you like Dungeon Crawler Carl, we need not be enemies anymore. I can forget our feud and make peace if you also share my love for some or all of the following list: Adventure Time, Food Wars, Attack on Titan, Berserk, Bloodborne, Steven Universe, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, LitRPG, Silkpunk Fantasy, Joe Abercrombie...

Oh, you dig some of that too? Well why didn't you say so. Sit down and let us be friends, I hereby renounce our feud! I bet I could recommend a book you haven't read yet.


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