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Kawaii Cryptid Tattoos

Cryptid's Den Tattoo

Newington, NH

My name is Robyn Oblinger and I’m 27 years old, I work out of a private studio of my own in Newington New Hampshire and I’ve been tattooing for almost 4 years. I graduated from MECA (Maine College of Art) in 2018 with a BFA in digital media. I began apprenticing for tattoo right when the pandemic picked up in early 2020, so when my state NH had a stay at home order is when I started my tattoo journey.

Three months later I got to get back into an actual tattoo shop and put the pedal to the metal and I discovered how much I love the medium. I like to say I’m a pop culture enthusiast because not only am I long time gamer, manga and anime fan, (my first anime was Elfen Lied in 4th grade oops🙃) and cosplayer! I love so many genres of film and tv (horror, fantasy, sci-fi, animation of any kind) and have a taste for all things nostalgia, even from decades far before my time.

As a practicing witch, I find a lot of love tattooing deity's, the occult, natural elements like animals and plant-life (living or dead) oddities and Cryptid’s. I truly like to not limit myself to one "type" of tattooing, as I don't enjoy just one thing! But what I'm certain of is I love popular media and culture, and I love to share in that joy and passion with my clients! Whatever that fandom or hobby you may enjoy.

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