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Honeybadger Tattoo

Inkognito Tattoo

Hillsborough, NC

Hello, my name is Lillian, but my friends call me Honey badger. I've been drawing since 1987, selling fan art at anime conventions since 1998. Tried a few other jobs and careers, even went to college for programming. But all road seems to lead me back to art. So after fighting my destiny for 2 decades and against all odds, I became a tattoo apprentice in 2002. Now, I am a spaz and ADD AF, only thing that can hold my attention is art. So its no surprise when I say I don't have a specific style. I like new challenges and try new things. I am especially food motivated. Sadly, I'm also a diabetic, so 99% of the foods I want, I can't have. And 100% of tattoos I want, I can't have...

ANYWAYS, I'm a geek and a nerd and love anything shinny and moving. Think of a cat dinosaur; if you don't move, I can't see you. Not sure if this is how a bio/about me is suppose to be, but that's what I got.

Oh, I'm very literal, and blunt, and asks a lot of questions, and forgetful. So if you're okay with all that, we'll be cool.
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