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Hailee Winter

XO Ginkgo Tattoo

Bangor, Maine

Heya, I’m Hailee! Thank you so much for checking out my profile :’) I’m a queer, neurodivergent tattoo artist based in central Maine.

I’ve been a bio ol’ nerd and artist my whole life, so finding the otaku tattoo community has been a dream come true. Being in my 3rd year of getting paid to stab people, I’m still trying to find my style, but as long as it’s cute and maybe a lil spooky I know I’ll love it.

Current hyper-fixations include, but are not limited to:
Honkai Star Rail
Genshin Impact
My Dress-Up Darling
Monster High
Chainsaw Man
Persona (3-5 have my heart)
(Down to tattoo subject matter from any of the above!!)

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