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Black Flame Tattoo

Abigail Flood

Howdy! Excited to see y’all at Anime this year for the second time, I’ll have plenty of flash available but am also available for bookings. I love to do black and grey, mainly working in neotraditional with aspects of semi-realism and an emphasis on solid clean linework, but am also down to rock some vibrant color pieces!

Animes I’d really love to do work from are Boku No Hero Academia, Fullmetal, One Piece, Kakegurui, Psycho Pass, Parasyte, Sword Art Online, JoJo’s, anything Yuri, and Dungeon Meshi most of all!
Video game flash will be a big staple, I’m a huge fan of anything Pokèmon, Baldur’s Gate, DokiDoki, and Legend of Zelda!

I’ll have manga panels available as well.
I’ll be in cosplay all weekend, so stop by the booth to checkout which character I’ve come as each day!

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Abigail Flood


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