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Artfully Insane


Man, I've never been good at writing bios, haha but you could say I'm a true child at heart, I love all things video game related as well as anime (of course). I'm also teetering on the edge between a healthy and unhealthy obsession with motorsports, only time will tell which way I lean more 😂. Above all else I have a true love for tattoos and creating them, there's hardly anything that brings me more joy that helping someone along their journey by creating a timeless work of art that they'll love for years to come. Being an artist since roughly 2nd grade, I always told myself if I could find a way to make people smile with my art and somehow make ends meet along with it, I'd drop everything to pursue it, didn't think it would come in the form of tattooing but hey, that's part of the fun of life!

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