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Eleven Eleven Tattoo Studio ...
Mount Laurel, NJ

Sinful Tatts

Hi I’m Syl! I’m a Anime/Manga/Neo-Trad artist from New Jersey. This will be my second year at Anime Ink and I’m so excited to meet people from all over! I’m trying to do more large scale pieces and I have a lot of fun doing full color and will take any chance to add a little water color to my pieces.

I’ve been tattooing for going on 3 years and am slowly coming into my own. If anyone would love a tattoo from me (flash or custom) I book via Email or google forms!

Fun fact- I redesigned my banner and business cards about 5 times this year alone so watch out, they’re technically limited edition since I’m bound to change them again soon!

Fun Fact
Sinful Tatts