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Dj Strickling

Custom Creations Tattoo & Art Studio

Jackson, MI

Hello I'm DJ and generally socially awkward in most scenarios! I also like to tattoo and be a nerd about all my interests like anime, gaming, pop culture, music, films, etc.

I grew up in a town called Jackson, MI and started my apprenticeship my senior year of high school. Originally I gearing towards graphic design/illustration as a life goal, but then after a mind altering article I was given from an instructor my plans changed and tattooing became not only my dream but my passion in life.

I love tattooing a mix of either color or black and grey/blackwork. Creating a sense of nostalgia that captures the character's energy and what we love most about them.

We all have our fan favorites and as much as I love most of all anime I would have to say my top runners would be Bleach, Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac), One Piece, & the best fever dream series Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.


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