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Jesse Najera

Artist Jesse Najera was raised in Northern Virginia where he studied different media as a fine arts major. Focusing on realism and surrealism he challenged himself with different forms of art. In a way to expand his creativity he used acrylic paints, charcoal, airbrush paint, a variety of pencils and markers, and also as a tattoo artist tattoo ink.

Jesse currently is the owner of Old Town Ink in Alexandria, VA as a licensed professional tattooer.
With his “all style” tattoo techniques Jesse’s schedule stays completely filled up to 5 months….. Where he specializes in full color surrealism and also the popular trend in simplistic fine line single needle tattoos.


Art is my passion and to be able to share with you this gift is a true blessing. I hope to inspire and motivate you to take a look at how beautiful art can be. How art can change your mood, your mind, and maybe even your perspective in life. The magic that art holds is amazing! Im excited to share this magic with you and hopefully it attracts you to connect with me spiritually through such a beautiful thing we call art.

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Jesse Najera


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