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Baddie Tattoos
Jersey City


Howdy, party people! 🎉

I'm RoachCola, but my friends call me Roach. I'm located at Baddie Tattoos in Jersey City, NJ! As a long-time weeb and a silly, goofy lil tattoo artist, I’m all about bright, funky color palettes and adding a touch of sparkle to my super cute designs. 🌈✨ I adore Studio Ghibli, Pokémon, and all things anime.

I also have a ton of cute and fun merch – for cool cats and tough cookies only! 🐱🍪

This year, I’m giving priority to appointments that can be entered in the convention contests. Let’s create some amazing tattoos together and make magic happen! ✨ Click the booking link, and let’s get your ink on, space cowboys! 💖🎨

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