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Brock Fidow

Till Death Tattoo

Auckland, New Zealand

Yo! I’m Brock, a big ol’ nerd from a tiny little country across the globe called New Zealand.

I’ve been making tattoos for 14 years now and love doing anime, gaming and pop culture work and getting to meet fellow geeks.

I do all kinds of nerdy tattoos but I’m particularly fond of Dark psychological seinen anime like Evangelion, Black Lagoon, Megalobox, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and A Perfect Blue to name a few. I do enjoy the lighter stuff too tho with Konosuba being a fav and Genshin Impact being one of my favourite games.

If you’re after something straight from an anime or show I can do that no problem but I love putting my spin on things! Wether it’s injecting a bit of Japanese tattoo flair into things, or making a usually realistic video game character into an anime style I’m up for the challenge!

I’ll only be in the States for this con so spaces are super limited! Hit me up if you’d like somethin, I’d love to work with you ☺️

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