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Oracle Tattoo

Salem MA and Detroit MI

Hello my name is Bri! *I posted some designs I’d like to do under my tattoo photos! Plz check them out!* I’ve been tattooing for nearly a decade now, and the whole reason I started drawing was because of anime manga I was obsessed with as a kid in the 90’s! It snowballed into becoming an artist myself, so we can thank Sailor Moon for that!
In my 20’s I met my mentor-to-be at a street shop, we instantly became friends, being the only anime nerd tattoo kids we knew at the time! Fast forward over 10 years later and here we are! Anime tattoos are wildly popular and my inner child is overjoyed! As well as tattooing, I am also a professional astrologer, psychic, tarot reader, and hypnotherapist. It is just as important to me as tattooing and it’s a pleasure to be able to do both with my clients whom choose so! I do astrology readings while I tattoo which is my favorite combo because it’s nice and distracting for the client! Or tarot reading beforehand if you’re so inclined. If you’re interested, please add the service to your booking requests or just send me a message or bring it up during our appointment! Prices are listed on my booking website. Looking forward to meeting you! Please don’t hesitate to email me with questions Xoxoxo

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