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Brenna Rose

Upper Moon Tattoo

Portland, Oregon

My name is Brenna Rose, I’m a tattoo artist working at Upper Moon Tattoo in Portland, Oregon and Top Hat Art Collective in Bakersfield, California. I specialize in color illustrative/neotraditional work with an emphasis on flora and fauna imagery but I do love anime/manga tattoos as well!

I grew up in the Sacramento area, and moved to Bakersfield in 2016 for my apprenticeship at Arcade Tattoo. I began tattooing January 2017 and worked at Arcade Tattoo until it closed November 2018, at which time I moved to Top Hat Art Collective. As of January 2023 I also started working at Upper Moon Tattoo in Portland, OR.

I’ve worked at a few tattoo conventions and a few anime expos (non tattoo related) so I’m looking forward to attend a convention that combined the two! I can’t wait to see everyone’s cool art and see people’s sick cosplays.

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