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liam williams (he/him), known as beach.wolf and beachw00f, is a virginia based tattooer specializing in funky critters, organic subjects, and illustrative designs. recently relocating to richmond from norfolk, liam has been tattooing since 2019. he is passionate about tattooing as a form of healing and empowering clients with their tattoos. he strives to provide more accessible tattooing to his community, because everyone deserves to express themselves through art.

liam’s subjects commonly include florals, animals, and tributes to media. he is passionate about biodiversity and nature, happy to tattoo animals from wildlife or pet portraits. liam’s favorite anime themes are pokémon, studio ghibli, fullmetal alchemist, and naruto. other interests of his include carebears, cryptids, halloween, and toys to name a few! for anime ink, he will only be accepting walkup clients!


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