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Olympus Tattoo
Salt Lake City

Winnie The Jroo

Winnie the Jroo is a Utah based artist well known around the world for his charming spirit and incredible tattoos. Winnie’s interest in tattooing sparked at a very young age, making his journey to success exceptionally interesting and inspiring for all. Today, Winnie’s tattoos are easily recognized by their surreal, dream-like visuals and innovative tattoo application techniques. In addition to that, Winnie’s constant insatiable need for growth and progress has built him a sprawling online presence where people know and love his smiling face and positive attitude. Among his most successful projects are his tattoo shop, Olympus Tattoo in Salt Lake City and the Olympus Art Institute, his online tattoo mentorship program. With every big idea and even in the smallest moments, Winnie the Jroo is making steps towards changing the tattooing world forever.

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Winnie The Jroo


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