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Anna Saveria

Crybaby Tattoo Club

Hightstown, NJ

Hi! I’m Anna, a tattoo artist from New Jersey! My favorite things to tattoo are anime and videogame portraits, and I love doing nature themed work as well! Color or Black Stipple work, I love the challenge of taking your favorite characters and coming up with a unique tattoo that captures their personality.
I am a huge anime fan, and I love connecting with clients over their favorite (and their least favorite!) characters and shows while we work together. If I had to give a top 5 it would probably be One Piece, Golden Kamuy, Trigun (1998), Natsume’s Book of Friends, and Wolf’s Rain. I’ll be booking through insta, so feel free to send me a DM to inquire about a tattoo - or drop me your top five! Stop by and say hi!


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