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Markm tatts

Hey my name is Mark McCullough
I’m a Level 8 tattoo artist spawning from Belfast, Northern Ireland. With a passion for both art and nostalgia, I specializes in bringing beloved characters from anime and Pokémon to life on the skin of my clients. Growing up I have always been into anime and Pokémon, collecting pokemon cards and playing the legendary games and just nerding out.
Today, I am so fortunate to merge my childhood passions with my profession, creating pieces of anime-inspired blackwork tattoos for use wonderful people.
When I’m not in the studio, I am indulging in other hobbies, such as painting Warhammer miniatures/ battling and immersing myself in the latest anime releases. I also have 2 beautiful kids who are growing up with daddy’s interest lol
This will be my second time at anime-ink and to say I’m excited is an understatement!
Let’s make some juicy tattoos !

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Markm tatts


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