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Alexandria, Virginia

Ink by Hero

Yo! Thanks for checking out my profile. My name is Kaveh and I aspire to bring your anime tattoo dreams to life.

Ever since I was a kid, I had an intense passion for the beautiful and captivating world of anime, watching everything from One Piece, to DragonBall Z, to Bleach, and many, MANY more. Spending hours a day drawing anime characters as a child… only to put down my pencil for about 15 years until I turned 24 and decided I wanted to pursue my dream of turning art into my “job”.

My passion is without a doubt full color anime tattoos, and the joy I bring people through making their anime tattoo dreams a reality is truly unparalleled! I put my heart and soul into every tattoo that I make and hope to give you a beautiful piece of body art to last a lifetime. I like to go BIG on my anime tattoos so that I can best capture the most important details of a characters persona and characteristics! I look forward to creating an anime masterpiece specially suited for your skin.

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Ink by Hero