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Yo! I’m Colton, but my artist brand is StrangeCxncept. I got the name from when I first began playing online with PlayStation and had my profile since 2008! I love my 2 cats, my wife, hanging out with my friends, playing RPG, Survival, video games, painting, drawing, and being a tattoo artist!

I am an artist based out in Indianapolis, IN! I have been tattooing for 4 years, and have been drawing and creating art since I was a kid. I currently work for TrapDoor Tattoos, in Indy of course, and have been working there since they opened in September 2023. I tattoo primarily Anime, and Pop Culture, I also enjoy some floral :) My style is heavily centered in Cryptic, Blackwork (with pops of color sometimes ;)) and Illustrative!
I hope I get the chance to work with you!

See you there!

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