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Cryptid’s Den Tattoo
Newington, NH

Kawaii Cryptid Tattoos

My name is Robyn Oblinger and I’m 28 years old and I’m the owner and only employee of my private studio called Cryptid’s Den Tattoo located in Newington New Hampshire! I’ve been tattooing for almost 5 years and I graduated from MECA (Maine College of Art) in 2018 with a BFA in digital media. I began apprenticing for tattoo right when the pandemic picked up in early 2020, so when my state NH had a stay at home order is when I started my tattoo journey.

I like to say I’m a pop culture enthusiast or a gold star nerd, because not only am I long time gamer, manga and anime fan, (my first anime was Elfen Lied in 4th grade oops🙃) but I love so many genres of film and tv (horror, fantasy, sci-fi, animation) and have a taste for all things nostalgia, even from decades far before my time.

I also have a lot of love tattooing pagan deity's, the occult, natural elements like animals and plant-life (living or dead) oddities and Cryptid’s, of course. I truly like to not limit myself to one "type" of tattooing, as I don't enjoy just one thing. What I'm certain of is I love popular media and culture, and I love to share in that joy and passion with my clients! Whatever that fandom or hobby you may enjoy.

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Kawaii Cryptid Tattoos