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New Orleans

Diin Jett

Hello everyone! Name is Diin Jett also know as @uncrowned.king_ on IG (let’s be friends and follow me there!)

Here are my stats: I’m an Aries with his Venus in Taurus. Sober. Trans. First-gen Salvadoreño. Born and raised in Los Angeles and now happily living a gay life in New Orleans. I love to tattoo all that is nerdy and gay. Especially yaoi!!! I also enjoy dark imagery and the occult, animals and fauna.

Favorite (new) animes: JJK, Frieren: a Joirneys end, Apothecary Diaries, To My Eternity and so so so much more…

Favorite BL/yaoi: NO. 6, FANGS,
Heaven Official’s Blessing, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, Painter of the Night, Twittering Birds Never Fly, MIGNON, Free!, Given, (I can name sooooo much more!!)

I have a booking link but you can also reach me/book via IG

You can also send me any question or whatever if you just want to nerd out. Excited to hear from you


diin jett

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Diin Jett