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Art 2 Ink

Harlem, New York

I'm Josh, I'm 28 years old based out of Art 2 Ink located in NYC. I've been tattooing for 3 years. I started my apprenticeship in November 2019, by the end of the month i had lost my job and decided to fully give myself into tattooing. I was in the shop 7 days a week 8+ hours a day me mentor had me on fake skin up until about February. A few week after gaining more confidence transition what I did I fake skin onto real skin, the whole world would come to a shocking standstill.

March 2020 covid lockdown. through out the next 3 month I was locked in room, my father whom I lived with at the time would not let me leave the house nor have any company, it was a very depressing time. June 6 2020, new york slowly starts opening up Back fully give myself into tattooing again, for the next 2 years I was at the shop 7 days a week learning from not just my mentor, but the other experienced artist aswell as my peers, trying new techniques, keeping the ones that work for me, discarding the ones that don't.

On January 6 2022 I started working at Art 2 Ink. Where I met artis that had similar interest in styles I'm interested in. Anime, Black and Grey, and realism the 3 paths I decided to travel
Unfortunately anime is my road less traveled by , as most my clientele request mostly black and grey, but when I get an anime piece black and grey or Color, I'm in the zone like kuroko and kagami🤫🤫.

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